A selection of the many kids . . .

Sara-Age 13

Sara lives in Cohasset with her dad and brothers.  She enjoys volleyball and outdoor activities.  Sara has a great sense of humor and is open to trying new things with a friend.


Brooke-Age 11

Brooke just finished up fourth grade and has been waiting six months for a mentor.  Brooke likes to read and wants to be a doctor when she grows up.  She also loves to go bowling and swimming.


Kenny-Age 12

Kenny lives in Bovey with his mom.  Kenny likes playing and watching sports.  Kenny wants to find someone to shoot some hoops with him.  Kenny also enjoys reading and playing video games.


Justin-Age 8

Justin is interested in many different things.  Justin is currently involved in baseball and is looking to try some new things as well.  He would love to learn how to play drums and guitar. 


Mark-Age 10

Marks LOVES football.  Mark needs an active guy to keep up with him.  He enjoys fishing and other outdoor activities also.  Mark’s favorite subject in school is math.  He also likes to read the Hardy Boys book series.