Bridges' mission is to help children and adolescents to achieve their greatest selves by connecting them with positive role models who can befriend, inspire, encourage and guide them.

DEB DEMUTH - Executive Director

Deb comes to us with a depth of knowledge and experience in nonprofits.  She has worked with out of school youth programs and recently worked for our local Elder Circle.  A recent addition to Bridges Kinship Mentoring, Deb is excited about the potential of mentoring in Itasca County.  She spends time outside of Bridges with her husband and daughter. 

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EMILY Miller - Education Assistant

Emily was previously a student mentor in the after school Student Mentoring Program. (NOW CALLED KINSHIP CONNECTIONS).  She started in 2003 as a 9th grader and continued until she graduated high school.  Now as a licensed teacher (math is her specialty), Emily facilitates the after-school program Kinship Connection for middle school students.  When not at Bridges, Emily works as a Title-1 teacher at Cohasset Elementary.

RICH MARCIS-Program Coordinator

Rich joins Bridges Kinship Mentoring with great compassion and a love for kids. He most recently worked for Advocates for Family Peace. Rich has done some work in sports broadcasting and is a former Lunch Buddy. 

Board of Directors:

Jaci David – Chair

Scott Patrow- Vice Chair

Colleen Schussman– Treasurer

Terri Friesen - Past Chair

Paula Troumbley

Alida Zimmerman

John Goad

Britta Arendt

Collin Clough